Hello, I'm Roslyn Donohue 

I am an artist, pancake loving, primary school teacher and new mother to a beautiful baby girl. 

I have always loved art, but before art I did a few-many things. I have a Bachelor in Biological Sciences, favouring Zoology and Botany, which quickly turned into me completing a Post Graduate in Primary School Education. I worked in The Department of Education for several years until I fell pregnant and took maternity leave in 2020, one week before Covid lockdowns.

Having a newborn, navigating motherhood, and being under one of the strictest lockdowns in the world can be quite intimidating. Luckily for me I have a very supportive husband-to-be who knew my love for creating. I hadn't created art since my teenage days (I dabbled, but nothing fancy).  I went through pastels, pencils, macramé, and even hook and loop at one stage but nothing seemed 'right'.

Finally, after lots of coaxing from my husband-to-be, I bit the bullet and splurged on a new laptop and tablet - reliving my youth and applying my knowledge of using digital art programs.

From there I started created personalised lined drawings for my mother's group for Father's Day for fun, to then opening a small Etsy store. Within a few weeks I was creating more artistic pieces as a form of mediation during the late hours as a mode of self care. 

I have an affinity towards abstract art which is how the Floral Collection was created but also appreciate all colours, from muted palettes to bright and bold colours. 

After making a shift from digital art to acrylic paints, I have never looked forward to 'work' more than now in my life. 

Creating my art takes can take many days and it feels like I go through thousands of colour palettes until I find the perfect one. I love layering and a majority of my art will contain multiple layers - I sometimes even recreate my own work until I'm content. 

I truly enjoy creating art and am so lucky that it resonates with people. Using artwork as a form of self-care has allowed me to continue to grow as an artist and I am more than grateful for all the support I have received and plan to continue to evolve.