Looky Leucadendrons
Looky Leucadendrons
Roslyn Donohue Art

Looky Leucadendrons

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Looky Leucadendrons

Disclaimer - I had to google how to say Leucadendrons - it also took me ages to find what they were called. After seeing them in a bouquet I had to draw them! I searched images such as 'yellow spiky native', 'australian native spiky looking flower' and then more, until I realised YOU CAN IMAGE SEARCH for a name. Mind. Blown. (You've googled how to say them haven't you? It's a fun word to say).

203x203mm and 305x305mm can be printed on 192gsm smooth matte archival paper using inkjet or 310gsm cotton rag using giclée printing. 

Prints larger than 305x305mm are only available in 310gsm cotton rag and giclée printing.

For more information about sizing please contact me to help!


-Prints come with a 5mm border.
-All square prints will be printed in an A series paper size to allow room for framing.

To keep it simple, Giclée printing is better quality printing on better quality paper. 
Giclée printing is a specialised type of printing using high quality archival inks on museum grade paper (cotton rag), the images on the screen do not justify how beautiful a piece of art looks when printed using these high quality archival inks. 

Artwork printed using inkjet on high quality paper is still attractive to look at but when compared the quality isn't as fine. I offer this option to those who still would like to purchase a print but want it to be cost effective. 
All inkjet printing on 192gsm is completed by me in my workspace. 

Frame for display purposes only; Print is unframed
Due to colour calibrations the colour may differ slightly in real life
Please see the FAQs for more information